Long lasting protection. Lasts through the season and can be renewed without deep cleaning or stripping for years!

Before After
2 Part Cleaner - deep cleans teak without harsh scrubbing to remove greying, food stains, fish blood, fuel stains and teak oils.
Natural - the favourite shade for yachtsmen, will give the wood a "sandy tan" colour of weathered teak.
Goldtone - will give the wood the "golden brown" colour of new teak.
Honeytone - the most popular choice for our furniture customers. This shade gives the wood a rich "honey" colour, similar to the colour of the wood when it is new
Cleartone - contains no pigment and is therefore not as resistant to the elements and requires more frequent re-coating.
Classic Brown - will give the wood the "dark brown" colour of teak when wet.

Please note: Results may vary due to the colour and condition of the original wood you are applying our shades to.

SEMCO does not contain silicone, varnish, polymers or exotic oils.

Coverage: Approximately 30m2/gallon (2 Coats required for initial application to give an even finish)