Instruction Guide

How to apply Semco Teak Sealer for the first time:

Make sure that the teak has been washed with either a gentle soapy water mix if your just needing to freshen the deck or furniture up or use or Semco two part cleaner first to clean it properly - Please make sure that the wood is completely dry before sealing - we recommend 48/72 hours in between cleaning and sealing so you avoid sealing in any of the moisture from washing.

Make certain you stir the contents of the tin thoroughly, and keep mixing whilst applying the sealer to guarantee an even finish.

Apply the sealer with a foam brush or cloth, this way you can control where the sealer goes and it will help you to just seal the areas you want to be sealed whilst at the same time this can also avoid those unsightly brush marks that may be left should you use a paint brush.

You will find the first coat will dry quiet quickly as it is absorbed into the wood so it is suggested for the best results apply the second coat on the same day a couple of hours later, wiping off any excess as you go. Allow the wood enough time to dry properly before use once this process has been followed.

Top Ups:

When using Semco products it is advised that when on occasions you want to clean the teak decks or garden furniture you do so with a light soapy water mix and a very light touch, once done we recommend when the wood is completely dry a single fresh coat of Semco Teak Sealer is applied - this will keep your teak looking great for years. Keeping the maintenance down to a minimum is a great way of enjoying your social time. With Semco it’s a great way of getting so much out of an awesome product for the very small amount of work needed if maintained.

We here at Semco recommend a single or double coat top up once in the spring – approx. March/April and once just before winter approx. September/October this will ensure you get the maximum benefits you can equalling good wood staying good for longer.


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